Islamic State Cartoon Shows Obama Beheaded by Jihadi John

by Veronica Coffin on April 14, 2015



By Robert Spencer

They don’t know who their friends are. Obama talks tough rhetoric against the Islamic State, but he forecloses on honest discussion of its ideology, motives and goals — which only ensures that that ideology will continue to advance unchallenged. And his weakness and incoherence regarding Iraq and Syria enabled the Islamic State to rise in the first place.

Note also that they call him the “mule of the Jews.” It is always, for Islamic supremacists and jihadists, all about the Jews, the people whom the Qur’an designates as those who are “most intense in animosity toward the believers” (5:82).

“Cartoon Shows Beheading of Obama by ISIS Executioner Jihadi John,” MEMRI, April 11, 2015:

In an animated video-clip posted on the Internet on April 11, 2015 by “Fadhaeh Al-‘Ilmaniyya”, a pro-ISIS group of media activists, shows President Obama begging for mercy before being beheaded by ISIS executioner Jihadi John. At the end of the animated film, Obama is shown awakening from his nightmare and fleeing the room.

Following is an excerpt:

Title: “+18″

“Obama” weeping, his head is held by “Jihadi John” wielding a knife

“Jihadi John”: Shut up mule!

Jihadi John lets go of Obama, who faints

The knife has been craving for Obama’s stinky blood, and today Allah gave us power to capture the mule of the Jews. Speak mule:

“Obama” (in a childish voice): Dad! Jihadi John is going to slaughter me. Save me! Save me!

“Jihadi John” decapitates “Obama” with his knife.

“Obama”s body with a severed head is sprawled in a puddle of blood.

“Obama” is sitting in the “Oval Office” with a framed skyline of a US city. He starts to cry and escapes the office.

Title: “The End”



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