Oh, Look: Another School Is In Trouble For Trying To Celebrate Islam In The Name Of Diversity

by Veronica Coffin on April 18, 2015





A high school in Mason, Ohio is in hot water after it attempted to “celebrate diversity” by asking girls to wear a hijab for a day to get a taste of Islamic culture.

The event, hilariously called “A Covered Girl Challenge,” was cancelled by principal Mindy McCarty-Stewart, who also sent an apology to families in the district.

The point of the event was to combat stereotypes students face when wearing head coverings, the principal wrote in her letter. But, she noted, “as the event spread beyond our school community, however, we received many strong messages that made me reconsider the event’s ability to meet its objectives.”

We aren’t sure how asking Christian girls to wear a hijab would combat any kind of stereotype, anyway.

Maybe the school should have asked Muslim girls to carry a Bible around for a day. You know, just to make things even.

“I now realize that as adults we should have given our students better guidance. After much consideration and after talking with the student event organizers, we have canceled the event,” McCarty-Stewart wrote.

The event was actually sponsored by the school’s Muslim Student Association. However, an email promoting the event was delivered from the school’s activities department. McCarty-Stewart says that should not have happened.

People on both sides of the issue offered strong reactions. Those who are sympathetic to the Muslim faith said that it was making a mockery of that religion. Others didn’t like the idea of the school promoting a religion founded by a pedophile.

After the event was cancelled, some complained that the school “caved to bigotry.”

Can’t please everyone, huh?



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