Oxford University Press, Children’s Books Publisher Submits to Sharia Law

by Veronica Coffin on March 31, 2015





by Gina Cassini

One of the largest publisher of schoolbooks in the world is submitting to Islamic ‘Sharia Law’, banning its authors from mentioning pigs, sausages, and anything pork-related in their books, in case the words offend Muslims.

And despite outrage over the move, Oxford University Press (OUP), one of the top 5 global publishers of childrens’ books, have defended their decision for the sake of “diversity”, the Daily Mail reported.

“Among the things prohibited in the text that was commissioned by OUP was the following: Pigs plus sausages, or anything else which could be “perceived as pork”.

Conservative politicians scathingly criticized the decision.

Conservative MP Jodie Ginsberg, said: “It is difficult to imagine any context in which images of everyday objects – like pigs – or the word itself should be banned from being used in a children’s book.”

Philip Davis, a champion of free speech, said “How on earth can anyone find the word “pig” or “pork” offensive? No word is offensive. It is the context in which it is used that is offensive.’

Despite the criticism, Oxford University Press is unrepentant. A spokesman for the company said:

“Many of the educational materials we publish in the UK are sold in more than 150 countries, and as such they need to consider a range of cultural differences and sensitivities.”

Since OUP distributes thousands of books in the United States as well, this outrageous decision will affect American schoolchildren as well, starting this fall.

Muslim groups have been pressuring all kinds of institutions in the UK, from the BBC television networks to stop mentioning pigs so as not to “offend” Muslims, and to restaurant chains and schools  and stop serving any kind of pork products, for the sake of “increased diversity.”

As part of their Sharia campaign the Muslim thugs always try to lump themselves in with Jewish people, claiming “Jews also oppose pork.”

But a spokesman for the Jewish Leadership Council rejected the Muslim claims, telling the media: “Jewish law prohibits eating pork, not the mention of the word, or the animal from which it derives,” calling the OUP decision “ludicrous.”

It was yet another sign of increasing British caving to Islamic Sharia.

Last September, as Top Right News reported, a couple living in Rotherham were accused of racism after singing the theme song from the popular Peppa Pig childrens’ show to their toddler daughter — after a Muslim woman in a hijab complained.

When the mother told the bus driver, he sided with the Muslim woman, and threw the family off the bus.

“He just said: “Go now, otherwise you’ll hold up all the passengers and no-one will be happy.” I was more upset at the bus driver not taking in both sides – he just heard the word racism and kicked us off.”

Above: UK Couple accused of “racism” and kicked off bus for singing song about a pig

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