What The Media Is Not Telling You: The Greatest Threat To America Coming From Turkey Who Is Working With The American Left To Usher In An Islamic Empire

by Veronica Coffin on March 7, 2017

The connection between the Alt-Right fascist Nazi’s and the Erdogan (Turkey) Revived Ottoman Caliphate does not seem to fit their American Paradigm of politics or eschatology. This merging of Nazi’s and Muslims is happening primarily in Europe but it is starting to show itself here in America as well, both in politics, Christianity and in the media.  This could be the biggest threat to America we have ever faced.  As Christians and conservatives we need to be aware of how the enemy (Satan) operates and warn our friends and neighbors of what to be on guard against. 

This article explains in detail how this has developed in the past and how it is developing again.  It explains how both the political right and left are being duped to allow it to happen; and finally what to do to stop it. 

Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin

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By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

What is the greatest threat to America? ISIS? The Muslim Immigrants? Obamacare?Political Correctness? Multiculturalism? The Arab Spring?

While these indeed are threats to America, a greater threat is confusion.

Take for example the Arab Spring; was it the greatest threat?

It was the greatest confusion of our time. Yet the Arab Spring of 2011 is ushering in even a greater threat to western stability: the coming Euro-Spring of 2018. Lets delve into some really shocking comparisons that reveal what the future holds for America and the West:

When it comes to the Arab Spring, even conservatives consumed the blue-pill in 2011 to only learn way later that it was a Muslim Spring.

And you think that you recovered from that trap? While you think that by now you discovered this phenomenon’s ramifications, reality is, the global blue-pill consumers are delving again into another even scarier ‘spring’ in Europe which is already germinating to hit seven years from 2011 where the same phenomenon will occur and only the labels will differ but with greater disasters that will effect the whole West. In fact, when comparing the two springs they match, perfectly.

Remember when you read the headlines about the Arab Spring when it first erupted? You were told that the populous in the Middle East were fed up with the status quo; the high unemployment and ruthless government control. You were told that the Arab masses desired liberal western style freedoms “for the people and by the people”. Yet we instantly warned in 2011, that the Muslim Brotherhood was the main channel for dissent and opposition to the status quo in the Middle East, that these people in Tahrir Square in Egypt were not desiring a government “for the people and by the people” but that they were complaining of foreign western liberalism encroaching into their Islamic way of life. They were complaining that these Arab dictators were simply western puppets and all that is what truly sparked the revolution. The people then elected the Muslim Brotherhood.

And just like its sister spring in Europe where Fascist movements are the main channel for dissent and opposition to the status quo people complained about liberalism and foreign Muslim ideology encroaching into their Western way of life claiming that these liberal governments were pro-Muslim agents and is why we see demonstrations all throughout Europe just as we have seen in the Middle East and they are elevating fascist parties to be elected by next year.




Just like its sister, the Arab Spring, the populous in Europe are clamoring behind these movements expressing the same fears and the same slogans about unemployment, government control and a Muslim foreign invasion.

With the Arab Spring, reality was that global powers were paving the way for Turkish Islamists working with the Muslim Brotherhood to hijack that spring. The western opportunists, Turkey, Germany as well as the Muslim Brotherhood knew it was not an ‘Arab‘ but a ‘Muslim‘ Spring.

The populous in the West thought their governments were stupid and naive. Neither truth or reality could penetrate people’s minds to see the obvious. Reality was that it was the populous who were naive; Turkey, Germany, including armchair revolutionaries throughout Europe were working with Fascist and neo-Nazi groups to generate dissent. These efforts hijacked all the efforts by the people who are gladly casting their support to elect parties to replace the current regimes. These opportunists knew it was not an ‘Arab’ or ‘Euro’ springs, but Fascist and Islamist springs which ultimately agree since they have much in common. History reveals that such agreements between two opposing racist groups, European ethnocentric and Turkish ethnocentric, happened during Nazism’s uniting with  Turkestanische (Turk) Legion and Caucasian Muhammadan Legion and notorious Muslim Albanian and Muslim Bosnian SS Handschar (dagger division).

And today, both springs are populous movements. On the one side, the planners were opportunists while on the other side there was the naive, ill-informed angry mobs (possibly even you), who were told that foreigners were exporting to them another culture shipped from the opposite direction. The Middle East complained about liberalism plus intrusions of western values while the West complained about the same liberalism plus intrusions from Muslim values.

While such intrusions are real, they were simply used to generate other plans; Islamism in the East and Euro-Fascism in the West. To the eastern Arab, it was western liberal values that the populous Muslims complained about and to the western European populous, it was the Middle Eastern Muslim values the Europeans complained about.

In other words, both complained that a foreign value system was being crammed down their throats and that they were invaded by a foreign element.

And while all this was happening, the politicians and experts were telling us quite the opposite, that the Middle East was just dying for western liberal values while the Muslims were told that the West was ripe for Islamic Shariah.

With the Arab Spring it was guised with combating Arabist government control and with the Euro-Spring it is guised with combating E.U government control; both were supposedly pushing back on liberalism’s multiculturalism.

But when we exposed the Arab Spring in 2011 most refused to drink the red pill opting for the blue one. Our side of the argument was only understood after the catastrophe, not during its initial stage where people’s minds was impossible to penetrate. Likewise, as we expose the Euro-Spring of 2018 most will refuse to drink the red pill. But our side of the story will only unravel after the catastrophe, not during its initial stage while most will bitch, bicker and holler at us complaining that “immigration is the greatest threat to America and the West”. People only found out way later, the hard way that the Arab Spring was nothing more than a Muslim Spring just as we stated and just as they will find out way later on in the game, the hard way, that the Euro-Spring will be nothing more than a Fascist-Spring.

Yet in 2011, liberal and conservative activists, media moguls, industrialists and experts alike, came on television to state that these were secular and not ideological or Islamist movements, the same way we see daily today where conservatives insist that the revolutionaries in Europe are not Nazi or Fascist but proud nationalists.

They all lied confusing the people then and they are still lying confusing the people now.

Ask yourself, why did the Arab Spring, which claimed to resist the West, ask for aid from the very West, which it claimed it was resisting its temptations in the first place?

This is key.

It is because both sides knew that the premise of the Arab Spring’s arguments, just like the Euro-Spring’s arguments was a complete lie and that there is a greater global agenda.

This first spring of 2011 was not national “Arab” but “Muslim,” it was “ideological” and “globalist” just like the Euro-Spring is not national but “Fascist,” it is “ideological” and “globalist”.

In reality the Euro-Spring is not calling to separate from the European Union to revive “French” or “German” nationalism as it claims, but to create European transnationalism. This is an ideological movement on a continental level, a truly Fascist Spring in disguise encompassing central and northern Europe.

And its all coming together. Both the naive populous from the Arab and the European springs, expressed their needs and desires in a loud voice of protest, without fully comprehending the implications of their actions setting the stage for the elitists masters of confusion.

From populous movements in the Arab world, Turkey’s Erdoganism, all the way to Europe and even in the U.S., what we witness today is similar to the French Revolution where the dumbest, crudest, oxymoronic, most ill educated and barefooted nobodies, arose and expressed their voices. These were not reaching out with sound reason, but reaching upwards–just as the planners wanted them to do–to the building blocks of societies creating revolutions made by the loudest sounds of brain-dead beggars.

The populous with mediocre minds are no match to elitist professional deception.

But we all now know the end results of the Arab/Muslim Spring. It was calamitous, leading to wars and increased repression in all nations where the Arab Spring principally took place. Syria, Libya and Yemen are being torn apart by civil wars that show no sign of ending. In Bahrain autocracy is far greater and civil liberties far less than they were prior to 2011. In Tunisia and Egypt the system shifted between secular to Muslim Brotherhood and is temporarily back to secular awaiting a Caliphate to come from Turkey. Like the Arab Spring, where Arab nationalism was the adhesive uniting the Arab Middle East, it now fell apart, paving the way for an Islamist rise of a different kind: neo-Ottomanism.




Likewise in Europe, the European Union’s unifying powers began to fall apart where populous fascism is rising. The League of Nations and later the United Nations to coordinate strategy for facing global challenges is now hated and is no longer relevant. States such as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Spain, Scotland, Belgium, just like what happened in Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain and Egypt started to sound their voices just as we have seen in Tahrir Square.

The Sykes-Picot agreement, which set borders and controls following the First World War in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, is now hated and has been forever altered signaling the neo-Ottoman Turks to begin its global strategy of reclaiming the Middle East for its new alliances and its regional control. Today even the papacy has no relevance amongst Europe’s population.

So you might think, I hate all of these anyway, why should I care?

Really? People, especially Christians are not paying attention that all the pegs that held the evils of the past from Ottoman and Fascist to Nazi have been taken out of the way.

This my friends is “the mystery of iniquity already worketh; only that he who now holdethdo hold, until he be taken out of the way. And then that wicked one shall be revealed…” (2 Thess 2:7-8)

You who read our report could be aiding in all this.

During this Arab Spring, smokescreens were plenty, while unseen powers were knitting a spiderweb, extending western powers to deflect Russian influence in the Middle East, and then, all of the sudden, it uplifted Turkish influence by weakening Arab nationalist regimes. This was not an effort to uplift national identity as claimed in the Middle East and in Europe, it was all about forming new alliances with what was obviously becoming a trend: the rising neo-Ottoman power to be. Therefore, the Euro-Spring, likewise is not an effort to uplift national identity throughout Europe, it is all about forming new alliances with what was obviously becoming a trend: the rising Euro Fascist parties in Europe.

Indeed, the neo-Ottoman Turks has already began implementing their global strategy of reclaiming the Middle East for its new alliances and its regional control. Think about it; today in the hot-spot of the Arab Spring revolution in Syria, it is Muslim Turkey that is parking in Northern Syria, not ‘Christian’ Russia or ‘Christian’ America. This is exactly what we have foretold will happen, where we insisted that Russia cannot afford to go to war with Turkey and that Turkey will encroach into Syria. Today its Muslim Iran influencing Iraq, not Russia or America.

This is no war with Islam, but being in bed with it.

Therefore, as we compare the end results of the Arab Spring, we should also easily know the end results of the Euro-Spring; utter disaster much worse than anything we have ever seen from the Arab Spring’s Syrian civil war, Yemen or Libya’s destruction.

But unlike the Muslim Spring where it needed aid from the very West that it so much claimed to resist, the West is self-sufficient with military might that could destroy the earth seven times over.

All the talk of showdowns between Russia and Turkey during the Arab Spring turned out to be nothing more than smokescreen. “Its now Russia versus Turkey,” everyone sounded the war trumpets last year, saying that the two powers were about to collide and spark a war between Turkey and Russia over Syria. It was all “rumors of wars”.

Christians failed to listen to Jesus Who was telling them that everything will be set in motion: in reverse of what we read in the headlines; where when they say “war” its “rumors of war” and where they say that the Arab Spring will ‘bring democracy’ and ‘peace’ then “sudden destruction come” with wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen; where when we read that Europe is reviving ridding itself from liberalism and Islamism that in reality it is Fascism and Nazism reviving all over again.

Confusion so powerful that even the very elect could be deceived lest God watches over them. The red pill is why we think in reverse of what the trumpeters trumpet. Drink it.

And if you think that what we are saying here is all conjecture think again. This coming weeks we will explain a CIA report, which reveals that such plans as the Arab Spring was on the table as far back as 1986 which even details what the expected results would be “mass Muslim immigration into Europe”. Our investigative reporting will reveal the ‘far right conservative ultra-nationalists’ in bed with the neo-Ottomans. Our reports will include videos showing the spiritual copulation, personalities, funding moguls from Turkish entrepreneurs working with European and American right-wing armchair revolutionaries. All this happened in Bodrum Turkey where plan, goals and outcomes were set in motion as far back as 2006 onward.

Some of these surround Trump including the support for his campaign are the same pro-Turkey groups. Such plans continue. Today we read the headlines; Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is trying to twist Trump’s arm to tap the former U.S. ambassador to Egypt who was key in sparking the Arab Spring in Tahrir Square, Anne Patterson, as his undersecretary of defense for policy. But Trump is resisting. If nominated and confirmed, Patterson would hold the fourth most powerful position at the Pentagon – and would effectively be the top civilian in the Defense Department. As ambassador to Egypt between 2011 and 2013, Patterson worked closely with former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and his Islamist government.



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